Vision Reels - XLA

XLA is one of the most versatile and attractive reels on the market today. It is the reel to fish with for life. These reels are durable yet lightweight and with several different sizes they can be matched to all types of rods. In some sizes you can even choose large arbor or extra large arbor spool depending on needed capacity or to balance your set perfectly. Spool changing is easy and takes only a few seconds. There are no tools required just open the spool locking screw with two full turns.

XLA has an extremely advanced sealed drag and bearing system. You never have to be worried about water, sand or dirt. For us to have an as smooth brake as possible is essential. It also has to work wet or dry and be precisely adjusted. In sizes from 4-5 up to 8-9 we have Teflon drag. We have also tuned the break power higher the bigger the reel is. In sizes 9-10 and 11 the brake material is graphite, again to increase the power but still keep it smooth. All XLA reels have Vision design PU handles for good grip. They are machined from fine high grade aluminum and have triple high gloss anodizing for corrosion resistance. There are reels that come and go but we believe you will find our XLA in action for years to come.
Orange color available in sizes 56 and 89.

  • Precision machined bar stock high-grade aluminum
  • Waterproof construction
  • Hand finished triple high gloss anodizing
  • Silent retrieve and subdued brake click
  • German made custom bearings
  • Full body trim to protect your lines
  • Extra smooth Teflon / stainless steel disc brake with large brake effect
  • Scaled brake adjustment
  • Soft polyurethane handle for maximum grip wet and dry
Model Diameter Aftma Gewicht Capaciteit Prijs Reel Prijs Spool
VLA45 85 mm 4-5 145 gr WF5 + 40m 20lb € 289,-  
VLA56 91 mm 5-6 156 gr WF6 + 60m 20lb € 289,-  
VLA67 96 mm 6-7 179 gr WF7 + 90m 20lb € 289,-  
VLA89 96 mm 8-9 185 gr WF9 + 150m 30lb € 289,-  
VLA910 107 mm 9-10 245 gr WF10 + 200m 30lb € 319,-  
VLA11 107 mm 11-12 265 gr WF11 + 300m 30lb € 319,-  
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